White Bounce House

White Bounce House Rental


A luxury white bounce house rental that is perfect for all ages! Available for 6 hours of bounce heaven and can be decorated with florals, string lights, or one of our balloon garlands to help bring the party aesthetic to life! Set-up & delivery included!



13ft x 11.5ft x 10ft


$375 for 6 hours


Comfortably fits 3-4 adults at a time or 4-6 children at a time

White bounce house rental in Daytona, FL.

Bounce House Decor Add-ons

White inflatable bounce house decorated in luxury florals prepared for a St. Augustine, FL wedding.
Florals $100
Luxury white bounce house decorated in our string light/ fairy light options in Daytona, FL.
String Lights $100
Corn hole boards along with your white bounce house rental available in Daytona, FL.
Aesthetic Cornhole boards for $40
6 foot balloon garland attached to white bounce house corner in Port Orange, FL.
6 foot garland – 2-3 colors $150
12 foot balloon garland red and confetti balloons, 3 teens smiling and playing on white bounce house in St. Augustine, FL.
12 foot garland – 2-3 colors $300
19 foot balloon garland on white bounce house with green white and gold balloons for a setup in Orlando, FL.
19 foot garland – 2-3 colors $475
25 foot balloon garland on white bounce house in Daytona Beach, FL.
25 foot garland – 5 colors $550
38 foot balloon garland with pink, creme, tan balloons attached to white bounce house in St. Augustine, FL.
38 foot balloon garland – 5 colors $750