1. DON’T – Allow anyone in any white bounce house inflatable with shoes or sharp objects on their clothes or in their pockets. Items like pens or belt buckles can cause puncture holes in the inflatable.
  2. DON’T – Allow anyone with sparklers or fireworks in or around the bounce house. 
  3. DON’T – Allow anyone with markers, crayons, or silly string in any inflatable. The chemicals in these items, most specifically silly string, can cause PERMANENT damage to the bounce house and could cause significant additional charges to be applied.
  4. DON’T – Allow pets in the inflatable. Their nails can permanently damage the bounce material.
  5. DON’T – Put water on a ‘DRY’ inflatable. This could cause extreme damage to the bounce house rental and cause additional fees to be applied.
  6. DO – Ensure that you measure the area where the bounce house will be set up before you reserve it. And don’t forget to measure the height also. Some yards have low hanging tree limbs that could get in the way and damage the inflatable.
  7. DO – Double check that all pet excrement has been removed from the path and the area where the bouncy will be located. Additional fees may be applied for this extra cleaning service.
  8. DON’T – Choose an area for a bounce house that is more than 100 feet away from adequate power. Electricity degrades over distance, so to ensure proper inflation, it is critical to remain reasonably close to a power source. If your party is at a park, be sure to ensure that power is available.
  9. DO – Ensure that your gate is wide enough if your party is in the back yard. Some units weigh well over 600 pounds and lifting them over a fence is out of the question.