Rental Policies


At the time a reservation is set, a 30% deposit will be taken by card. This deposit is deducted from your total balance – which is due the week before the event. If you have to cancel an event, please give us 1 week’s notice, the deposit will not be returned – but instead will be regarded as an in house credit with ForeverAestheticParties that will remain valid for one year from the date of the cancelled reservation. A cancellation made with less than 2 days’ notice will result in forfeiture of the deposit & an additional 20% charged to the card on file for a total of 50% of total event cost. If cancellation is done on the day of your event the remaining balance due will be charged on the card provided by the customer at the time of purchase.


Deposits can be made in the form of card at the time a reservation is set. The entire balance is always due the week before the event if not paid in full on the date of booking.


Failure to follow the rules on our ‘Rules Page’ can result in injury and/or damage to the equipment which you will be liable for.

All inflatables must be secured to the ground with sand/water bags to weigh the inflatable down. If an inflatable is set up indoors no tie downs, stakes or weights are required.


Inflatables are very heavy and require special dollies to move them. In order to set up your inflatable we need to be informed if the driver will be navigating through any gate or walkway less than 4 feet wide. Also, please be aware that we cannot move inflatables up or down steps or up or down a steep incline.

It is your responsibility to provide a smooth, level surface (see Surface Options below) for us to set up your inflatable. Every unit on our website lists the minimum required space needed to safely set up your unit. By renting the inflatable you are implying that you are absolutely certain you have the required space. If we arrive and find the space is not large enough to set up your inflatable we will work with you to find a more suitable set up spot AT THE SAME LOCATION. If you need to move your party somewhere else due to not having a large enough space you will be charged an additional fee to cover the additional workload and we will do our best to set up at your new location as quickly as possible.


The best option for setting up an inflatable is always grass. We can however set up on other surfaces if grass is not possible. The acceptable alternative surfaces are dirt and concrete.

Under no circumstances can an inflatable ever be set up on rocks, sand or mulch. These types of surfaces are extremely damaging to inflatables.

When selecting an area for your inflatable please inspect the ground and remove any rocks, twigs or dog poop. Our drivers are trained to scout the grounds prior to set up and will ask you to remove any such items if spotted.

Should I cut the grass before you arrive? We get asked this one all the time. The answer is: ‘Yes’ – but please cut the grass AT LEAST 3 days before we arrive. If you cut it right before we get there the inflatable will get filled with clippings which means your children and guests will get covered with clippings as well. This is a common mistake that well-intentioned people make!


If the location of the event is over 30 miles outside our home location of Middleburg, FL there will be an additional fee ranging between $25-$50 added to the total for the added mileage.

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